The international conference on Location Based Services 2015


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This symposium is addressed to researchers, industry / market operators and students of different backgrounds (scientific, engineering and humanistic) whose work is either focused on or affined to Location Based Services (LBS). The symposium will offer a common ground to bring together colleagues from various disciplines and practice where they can meet, interact and exchange knowledge, experience, plans and ideas on how LBS can and could be improved and on how it will influence both science and society.

Topics – We invite contributions in the following areas:

  • Positioning / Indoor positioning
  • Smart environments and spatial intelligence
  • Spatio-temporal data acquisition, processing, and analysis
  • Data mining and knowledge discovery
  • Personalization and context-aware adaptation
  • Visualization techniques for LBS
  • Novel user interfaces and interaction techniques
  • Smart mobile phone navigation and LBS technologies
  • Three-dimensional visualization in the LBS context
  • Augmented reality in an LBS context
  • Innovative LBS systems and applications
  • Wayfinding / Navigation (indoor / outdoor)
  • Indoor Navigation Databases
  • User studies and evaluations
  • Privacy and ethical issues in LBS
  • Usability issues in LBS
  • Legal and business aspects in LBS
  • LBS and Web 2.0
  • Open source solutions and standards

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