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What is Agens SQL
7월 08
Agens SolutionAgens SQL

The word 'Agens' comes from the secret police of the ancient Roman emperor. It is the integrated database solution Bitnine has dedicated to transmitting required information most accuratively and rapidly and to providing optimal data by collecting and processing.

Install PostgreSQL on CentOS 6.6
7월 01
Agens SolutionPostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database management system. PostgreSQL uses the Structured Query Language (SQL) to manipulate data. PostgreSQL is cross-platform, and has packages for all major Linux distributions, as well as Windows Server platforms. While not as popular as MySQL, Postgres is arguably the more powerful database platform as it is truly ANSI/ISO compliant, unlike MySQL which is not due to some of its limitations. It also supports stored procedures, a feature that MySQL does not support. This isn’t saying you should immediately dump MySQL for Postgres for all your applications or projects — but it might be a good fit for some.

PostGIS Installation on CentOS
6월 09

This post is for installation PostGIS based on CentOS 6.6 and PostgreSQL 9.4. It's very simple because the steps does not contain about the PostgreSQL's process. Only Helpful to the person who already installed the PostgreSQL.


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